Periscope Holdings Acquires BidSync
to Form Public Procurement Powerhouse

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BuySpeed generates value for the State of Arizona
through eProcurement modernization.

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BuySpeed's process efficiencies
saved more than $1.25 million annually.

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BuySpeed ordering process time
reduced from 28 days to 1 day or less.

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City of Baltimore
triples purchasing efficiency with BuySpeed.

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State gains efficiency and saves money
with BuySpeed eProcurement.

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Periscope Holdings is the leader in purpose-based procurement. We eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar spent by our public sector and higher education clients with procurement transformation solutions and services.

Periscope streamlines processes, increases efficiency, decreases expenditures, and creates transparency in the procurement process, allowing our clients to focus on achieving their purpose.

To date, dozens of organizations across North America have partnered with Periscope to achieve remarkable, real-world results. From Juneau to Jacksonville, Periscope clients are realizing transformative savings in time, effort, and money.

Serious solutions for smart procurement.

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NASPO’s newly released Practice Guide for State and Local Government includes a new chapter on eProcurement systems in state government. In reading the text, it references the point that the implementation of eProcurement systems involves classic change management challenges. It further notes that the implementation of Arizona’s Procure AZ (powered by <a href=””>BuySpeed</a>) and supported [...]Read more

City of Detroit Selects BidSync Source and BidSync Contract, powered by Periscope

The City of Detroit selects BidSync Source and BidSync Contract, powered by Periscope, to increase the effectiveness the city’s procurement operations. The City’s centralized purchasing authority is responsible for the vast majority of the City government’s acquisitions and purchases. The Purchasing Division selected BidSync Source and BidSync Contract to enhance its public transparency and fairness to the [...]Read more

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